Tips for the beginner on the stock market

Making profits on the stock market is not everyone’s cup of tea. You should be able to read the stock market indicators to make gains on the market. The risks involved are high but the temptation to make a quick buck higher. Lowering the risks and even increasing the profits might come by trading binary options with Quantum Code.

What are the key stock market indicators that you should analyze in a company?

Did you know that several investors often overlook the basic indicators listed below when analyzing a company for investment?  Here are the key indicators that you should pay heed to before investing in a company:

  • Company business model: The business model of a company tells you a lot about how the company will perform during recessions and how it will share its profit in times of economic boom.
  • Net income: Net income is the amount leftover after taxes and other costs are paid for. A company with a growing net income shows how the company manages its finances and sales. It can be found at the bottom line of the income statement.
  • Profit margin: A company with a steady profit margin means that the company products are in demand and the company is capable of sharing its profits with its shareholders. This also shows that the company can efficiently control its costs.
  • Company Filings: You can gather information on public company filings wherein all details regarding the finances of the company and the potential risks will be stated.  Here you can get information on the growth opportunities and the costs involved too. You can check the SEC’s EDGAR system for both US public company filings and foreign companies listed on the US


Tips for investing

It is not enough if you analyze a company, there are a few more details that you must be aware of before you take the plunge. Stated below are few tips that will guide you in the right direction.

  • Go for stocks that pay a dividend: It is no guarantee that stocks that pay dividends are not subject to losses, they are just a better bet because you will earn some profit from owning them.
  • Don’t judge by the price of a single share: Never judge the worth of a share based on the value of a single share. It might seem sane to invest in a $5 stock when compared with a $100 stock for a newbie, but that is not the case. You must evaluate the value of the stock based on its performance on the market and not on the price. For example, a cheap stock might fall and a pricey one can jump several spots in just a few seconds.
  • Taxes on stocks: It is prudent to hold on to your stocks for at least 12 months for the tax rate to drop to 15% from around 25%.

The world is constantly changing and every day a new headline appears on the newspaper. Read the news with a pinch of salt but don’t make any hasty decisions based on it. There have been innumerable cases where certain news does rattle the market before it settles down and things start moving in the right direction.