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STOP Loss Is An Important Part Of Each Trade

The traders who have traded using the 1G Profit System will let you know in their 1G Profit Review review that the system focuses a lot on placing stop loss. Traders spend a lot of time in deciding which stock to buy and at what price. They also decide on the target price of the stock. But what they forget at times to place a stop loss price on their stock in case the trade that they take goes wrong.

The automated trading software will ask you the risk that you are ready to take on each trade. The risk taking appetite is different for each individual. But when you place a stop loss on your trade it stops you for a small loss which is important else you may end up losing all your capital on a single trade.


The robotic trading systems make it mandatory to place a stop loss on every trade that is taken. The stop loss is nothing but an order that the software places with the broker to sell a stock or to buy it when the stock reaches a certain price. The stop loss basically limits the investor’s loss when they take a position on a security. So when you buy a stock thinking that it will go higher in price, you place a stop loss below the price at which you had brought the stock. If the stock does not move in the direction that you had predicted and it starts to go downwards, then you get out of the trade for a small loss called the stop loss.


The other advantage of placing a stop loss on your trades is that you will not have to monitor the stock and how it is performing. You may not be able to watch a stock when you are on say a vacation and if you are a long term trader then all that you need to do is to place a stop loss price and go enjoy your vacation. If the price reaches the stop loss it automatically gets out of the trade.


But there is also a small disadvantage of having a stop loss. The stop loss may get hit by any small term movement or volatility in the particular stock. So suppose you bought a stock and suddenly there is some bad news about the economy on the TV channels, traders panic and start selling the stock. Your stock just goes to the stop loss price and takes you out of the trade and in sometime when the panic has settled its starts to move in the direction of your trade. You thus lose some of your money only to see that the stock starts to go up and reach your target price.

Do automated trading bots really work?

Talk about trading online there are 3 main types of traders you would be able to find today. There is one group that is happily enjoying the benefits of the latest advancements in online trading like automated bots and more. There is another group that is altogether against the penetration of technology in the process of making crucial decisions in trading. And finally there are those who are open to new ideas, the ones that are still in doubt about the efficiency of trading bots. So do automated trading bots really work?

The answer is Yes and No. The “Yes” is because there are numerous reliable ones like Q Profit Systemthat really help people automate the whole process. The “No” is because not all of the automated trading bots work as promised.

Look for the right solution:

Start with steering clear of the confusion of the various types of trading bots. There are some that you would be able to use if you are a beginner who knows nothing about trade. These are the smarter types of automated bots that can help the trader in the entire process right up to the step where crucial decisions are to be made. Then there are those bots that simply fetch the data and allow you to make important trading decisions. And finally if you are well-versed in the type of trading you perform you would be able to build a trading bot with your own strategies. The key is to build something robust, something that can flex and adapt to the market fluctuations and understand the details to make the right choices. There are a lot of factors to consider while you choose your online trading bots. Start with reading the reviews about the bot. Then proceed to understand whether the bot has ever been banned as a scam.

Getting back to the question:

So trading bots, for automated online trading do work. But if there are any automated trading systems that are making huge promises, it would be the best idea to stay away from them. Consider only those that offer realistic features. Start with using something that is free to use. These would be those that require you to spend only for your investment on the stock. There are several popular online trading systems that have proven to be effective in spite of being easy to use and absolutely free.

Carbon FX: Is It The Next Big Thing On The Global Market?

Being touted as the best auto trader in 2017, the Carbon FX has already given a good deal of successful ventures to prove its efficacy. If you are not quite aware of this software, this article will present an unbiased Carbon FX review to help you understand what the product is all about and how it could help you to level up your profits.

All About Carbon FX

Carbon FX was created by Michael Klein along with his highly efficient team of members in order to make trading more accessible by traders and investors who are not able to keep a tab over their trading accounts all the time. It gives you the option of a completely automated trade as well as semi-automated trade. The second option is preferred a by a lot of people since they are apprehensive of handing over the ac


counts to a fully automated bot.

What are the features of this software?

The essential features of this software are listed below:

  • With this software in place, you can learn the winning strategies of a successful trade.
  • The software gives you an average of 93% winnings every week which means that you 

    will have more profits to enjoy.

  • It follows high transparency for all its clients.
  • The software has only had one loss in all the 1,657 trades that it has made.
  • Owing to the fact that the trading platform is compatible with all kinds of devices, you can trade while you are on the run from your Android as well as your iOS.
  • You can access this software from laptops, PCs as well from a Mac.
  • With a daily average of 33 and 87 signals, you are bound to make profits every single day.

Is It The Next Big Thing?

To be honest, it is already a big thing on the market. It can invest money on an autopilot mode and has only lost once in the span of four years of successful trade. The best part about this trading platform is the fact that it has a very friendly user-interface and even beginners who have zero knowledge of trading online can benefit from this system.

Moreover, beginners have the advantage of learning from the fully automated mode and once they have a fair idea of the process, they can take over and run the semi-automated program for more control.

Carbon FX is designed to give you profits every day and who would not want to invest in a technology as efficient as that?