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Floor And The Ceiling Price In Technical Trading

The binary trading software lets you trade automatically. This means that you do not have to sit in front of the computer every second to spot a trade. The binary trading software makes use of an algorithm to generate trading ideas.


The trade plan is fed into the software by an expert and this is what is called the algorithm. The software takes trades after it follows this algorithm step by step.


Support and resistance


Support and resistance is an important part of trading and when trading using the binary trading software it is good if you know these terms. Find to more what support and resistance are all about and how it works.


You would hear the terms support and resistance being used a lot when you read about technical analysis. These are used to find out the entry and the exit points of the stock. The entry and the exit of a particular trade are determined based on the reaction to price. These are important levels that are used extensively in technical trading.


Understand S/R


To understand support and resistance think of a floor and the ceiling in the room. Imagine a ball that bounces from the floor after it hits it. It drops down after it touches the ceiling.Support is the floor and resistance is the ceiling. So when the price hits the support it will bounce up and when it hits the ceiling it will drop down. Price thus moves between these two levels.

When the price of the stock or any asset falls to a level where there is an increase in demand the price will start to increase and the buyers will be dominant. This is the floor or what is called in technical analysis as the support level.When the price of the stock reaches a level where there is a decrease in demand, at this level the owners of the stock will start to sell and lock their profits. This is the ceiling or what is known as the resistance level.


So how do these levels get formed? These levels are formed by traders who have memories. Those who follow just a particular asset or a particular stock remember the price from which it has bounced in the past and the price from which it had dropped. They keep these prices in mind and when the price again reaches these levels they repeat the same action. It is, however, important to know that the support and the resistance levels will not be fixed but there would be breakouts and breakdowns from these levels as well.

Increase the Odds of Profiting From the Binary Trading Software

The binary robots let you trade manually as well as using the algorithm. It is good if you know the basics of trading because it will let you increase the probability of profiting from the trade.

The trading software uses technical analysis and this lets them generate trading signals. The best part of technical analysis is that the same concepts are followed in all the asset classes. Thus unlike financial analysis, you can apply the same rules to every asset be it stocks, commodities, or currency.

Understand the charts

Support and resistance is an important part of technical trading. It is thus important that you understand ways to identify the support and resistance levels. You need to understand the charts and be able to study them to find out the support and resistance levels.

The support is a level to which the price falls a number of times but does not go below the point. When the price rises to a particular point but does not go above that then this is the resistance level. However, it is important to know the strong support and resistance levels because not every level is strong to allow the price to bounce or fall from that level.

Spot the S/R level

You thus need to know how to determine the strongest support and resistance levels. The number of times the stock either bounces from or falls from the level, the stronger is the support or the resistance level. The number of times this happens it is bound to happen again. The more this behavior gets repeated the stronger is the level and thus the traders get more confident about these levels. Some stocks find it really hard to break out from this range.

Find out more about how to use these support and resistance levels. These levels are used to enter or exit a trade as well as to place stop losses. The support level is where the trader will get into the trade. The stop will be placed below the support level. The resistance is the point where the trader will sell. It is also the level from where a trader will short sell in the market. In case the short sells then the stop loss will be placed above the resistance level.

Stop loss is important because investors know that historically these price levels have worked out. However, in case the price level is violated then the levels are now broken and thus the trader gets out of the trade with a small loss. So once the stop gets triggered the price chart makes a new support or resistance level.

Making Money Through technology

Financial world has changed irrevocably now. We cannot imagine going to our brokers and putting money on stocks through the old ways. The new generation does not even know how tedious the entire process of share trading used to be.

With internet and online trading available everywhere, now we can trade from anywhere on any device. All we need is a good device and high speed internet. We must not ignore one crucial aspect and that is all this scientific advancement is meant to make our life easy. There are times when we get trapped by complicated words and feel that the program must really be good though it could be a scam. There are people, however, who are scared of all that is technical and do not venture into any online trading. Here is a program that is both genuine and easy to use. Click here to know more about it. It has received a very positive response from people because of its ease of use and amazing returns; the success rate has been almost 95%.

This automated software can work from any device and does not need to be downloaded. So now the ball is in your court to use this to your advantage. You must keep yourself abreast about the happenings around the world. Trading is a dynamic process. It is affected by natural occurrences around the world. There is a phenomenon called the butterfly effect. So, even a small flutter in the political or social corridors in one country or changes in the oil prices can change the share prices in hours or in fact in seconds and change the face of the entire financial market. These seemingly small events change the fortunes of people overnight.

The robots can detect the changes in the trends of prices of shares. You can also keep track of the events happening around the world. So, with the recommendations of the system and your own instincts combined together, you can come up with the winning formula. Use the bets recommended by the trading system to your advantage and use them at the right time, then you can definitely make more money than the average trader.

The process of joining this system is easy enough and anyone can complete the process in minutes. Fill in the registration form, pay the initial amount and start trading. Ensure that you have been connected to a legitimate broker. Use the system manually or allow it to trade automatically, it will work tirelessly to make recommendations. But if you use it wisely using your own experiences and that of other brokers, then there is no reason why you should not reach the magical percentage of profit as promised by the system.

Bitcoin Code Rings a False Alarm

The Bitcoin Code review can be heard everywhere these days. Bitcoin has made many rich and for those who could not invest in this cryptocurrency, they are still itching. Ask most of them and they would tell you that they had been tracking Bitcoin to get the right entry but were left waiting.


The words Bitcoin can make most of us pounce on it at the first go. And if you are going to use the Bitcoin Code platform then it is important that you research well.


Be aware of the scam


If you have fallen prey to the Bitcoin Code scam then all I can say is hard luck. This is nothing but a complete scam where the frauds have tried to attract the simple people to loot them of their money. If you have just started to try binary trading and are wondering whether Bitcoin Code is genuine or a fake then it is important that you have a close look at their website.


Steve McKay proclaims himself to be the owner of the Bitcoin Code app. He indeed has an attractive and charming face but beware before you fall for his looks. All this is a conspiracy. You see here that the membership to this software is been given out for free and that Steve himself has made a lot of money using the binary options trading software.


It is just common sense


Think about it. If this person is so rich then why is he completely unknown? Check the Google, any business magazine or on the news and you can never find any mention of Steve McKay. In fact when you Google for Steve McKay you will see that the man is not related to the trading software at all. The scammers have just stolen the face and used it on their website. So it is far away from the truth that Steve McKay is the owner of the Bitcoin Code app.


Also look further on the website and as you continue to dig into it more it will reveal to be nothing but a scam. There is absolutely no professionalism on the website. First, you are welcomed with popup which are irritating and these keep coming as and when you move your cursor. The website also promises to make some huge amounts of money within a short time span. Ask any experienced trader and he will let you know that making so much money in so less time is impractical. Even when you see the winning percentage of the best trading software available in the market, they can make not more than 80-90% profitable trades. So it is impossible to believe that the returns that the software offers are true.


Financial Independence With Online Trading

Fintech LTD is one of the most prominent trading systems and is very popular among people due to its easy interface and higher profitability. The system has been developed by a trader who has combined his expertise with the latest technological innovations to create this marvellous robotic system. This ensures that a complex algorithm brings in monetary benefits for you, while you just complete a three step process from anywhere in the world and start trading.

The entire process is a simple one of registration and account opening.

  1. Free Registration and fill in the required details
  2. Open the trading account and get a broker assigned
  3. Trade & Profit

One does not have to pay any extra money to use this system. It is an absolutely free software. This is very good as there are many binary automated robots which try to fool the innocent investors by repeated requests for money. Fintech LTD is able to provide a trustworthy platform to the clients. Most of the clients have provided positive feedback about the system as they have been able to earn a lot of money by investing through this trading platform.

Now if we come to the software or the program of the process, then rest assured that it is completely automated. So all investors, including the novices can rely on the algorithm to complete the trading process on their behalf.  An investor has to decide how much money would he like to invest in a day or how many trades can he afford to do in a day. It functions through a powerful and sophisticated process that can identify profit making opportunities in the market. The trends in the market are continuously monitored so that the system is able to detect the changes and patterns that in turn help it to place winning bets. The entire process takes a few seconds which otherwise would have taken a trader a few hours at least to analyse.

It has a unique feature called the Reverse Trading mode. This system helps the customers when the software can detect that the financial operation may result in a negative result for the customers. Then it can change the direction of the betting quickly, minimising the losses if any.

The customer support service of the binary options robot is dependable and kind in the attitude towards the online investor. The team can be reached via live chat, telephone, and email.

So we can see that this seems to be a reliable organism of online trading system. But as in any investing system, you need to be careful with the amount of money you want to trade with. Start small and then once you are happy and satisfied with the profits, then go up.

The role of Chatbots in your business

AI or artificial intelligence is gaining prominence in all aspects of our lives today; its effect is most visible in the science and technology and the financial industry. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that online trading systems like the Carbon FXand other renowned trading platforms have become immensely popular with the masses. Another reason certain online businesses are doing great is due to the presence of chatbots that make their presence known and then quietly wait for you call for help or to quell your doubts and even provide suggestions if required.

The automated nature of the bots and the ability to personalize them to mimic your personality and response makes them a necessity for all small, medium businesses and entrepreneurs.

Business team analyzing income charts and graphs with modern digital tablet. Top view photoshoot.

If you still don’t use them, here are a few reasons that will convince you as to why businesses must go for chatbots and how they will save you money, energy and time.

  1. Retaining the fan or customer base

For every business, it is essential that they keep their customers happy and answer all their queries as early as possible. Practically, it is not possible to individually responds to each query a customer posts on your Facebook or Instagram. But when you to resort to chatbots you can engage personally with each customer without having to waste manpower and time.

  1. Save time

All big businesses like Domino’s Pizza, Hand M, and others have messenger bots that work better than any PR team. The advantage of the bots is that they remember your answer to a particular question forever and hence respond accordingly. The bots save your time because you don’t need to monitor your emails or Facebook to respond to fans; the bots will automatically do it.

  1. Promote without being pushy

Customers do not like to be coerced into buying anything. Invariably they shut off when they see any promotional stuff. But when you use chatbots the story is different. As most chatbots use a conversational tone, they can inform the customer about your latest services, products events etc. without being too pushy. These bots, in fact, are more powerful than even the social media.

Bots can also sell more than any advertisement on social media. Ensure that your bots have a distinct personality and are tuned to provide suggestions based on customer feedback and online behavior.


If you want your business to grow you must shake hands with emerging technologies and accrue benefits thereof. Bots are the future of businesses with a bot for practically anything and everything. Several businesses have recognized the potential of this automation and have started using them to improve their sales.

STOP Loss Is An Important Part Of Each Trade

The traders who have traded using the 1G Profit System will let you know in their 1G Profit Review review that the system focuses a lot on placing stop loss. Traders spend a lot of time in deciding which stock to buy and at what price. They also decide on the target price of the stock. But what they forget at times to place a stop loss price on their stock in case the trade that they take goes wrong.

The automated trading software will ask you the risk that you are ready to take on each trade. The risk taking appetite is different for each individual. But when you place a stop loss on your trade it stops you for a small loss which is important else you may end up losing all your capital on a single trade.


The robotic trading systems make it mandatory to place a stop loss on every trade that is taken. The stop loss is nothing but an order that the software places with the broker to sell a stock or to buy it when the stock reaches a certain price. The stop loss basically limits the investor’s loss when they take a position on a security. So when you buy a stock thinking that it will go higher in price, you place a stop loss below the price at which you had brought the stock. If the stock does not move in the direction that you had predicted and it starts to go downwards, then you get out of the trade for a small loss called the stop loss.


The other advantage of placing a stop loss on your trades is that you will not have to monitor the stock and how it is performing. You may not be able to watch a stock when you are on say a vacation and if you are a long term trader then all that you need to do is to place a stop loss price and go enjoy your vacation. If the price reaches the stop loss it automatically gets out of the trade.


But there is also a small disadvantage of having a stop loss. The stop loss may get hit by any small term movement or volatility in the particular stock. So suppose you bought a stock and suddenly there is some bad news about the economy on the TV channels, traders panic and start selling the stock. Your stock just goes to the stop loss price and takes you out of the trade and in sometime when the panic has settled its starts to move in the direction of your trade. You thus lose some of your money only to see that the stock starts to go up and reach your target price.

Do automated trading bots really work?

Talk about trading online there are 3 main types of traders you would be able to find today. There is one group that is happily enjoying the benefits of the latest advancements in online trading like automated bots and more. There is another group that is altogether against the penetration of technology in the process of making crucial decisions in trading. And finally there are those who are open to new ideas, the ones that are still in doubt about the efficiency of trading bots. So do automated trading bots really work?

The answer is Yes and No. The “Yes” is because there are numerous reliable ones like Q Profit Systemthat really help people automate the whole process. The “No” is because not all of the automated trading bots work as promised.

Look for the right solution:

Start with steering clear of the confusion of the various types of trading bots. There are some that you would be able to use if you are a beginner who knows nothing about trade. These are the smarter types of automated bots that can help the trader in the entire process right up to the step where crucial decisions are to be made. Then there are those bots that simply fetch the data and allow you to make important trading decisions. And finally if you are well-versed in the type of trading you perform you would be able to build a trading bot with your own strategies. The key is to build something robust, something that can flex and adapt to the market fluctuations and understand the details to make the right choices. There are a lot of factors to consider while you choose your online trading bots. Start with reading the reviews about the bot. Then proceed to understand whether the bot has ever been banned as a scam.

Getting back to the question:

So trading bots, for automated online trading do work. But if there are any automated trading systems that are making huge promises, it would be the best idea to stay away from them. Consider only those that offer realistic features. Start with using something that is free to use. These would be those that require you to spend only for your investment on the stock. There are several popular online trading systems that have proven to be effective in spite of being easy to use and absolutely free.

Carbon FX: Is It The Next Big Thing On The Global Market?

Being touted as the best auto trader in 2017, the Carbon FX has already given a good deal of successful ventures to prove its efficacy. If you are not quite aware of this software, this article will present an unbiased Carbon FX review to help you understand what the product is all about and how it could help you to level up your profits.

All About Carbon FX

Carbon FX was created by Michael Klein along with his highly efficient team of members in order to make trading more accessible by traders and investors who are not able to keep a tab over their trading accounts all the time. It gives you the option of a completely automated trade as well as semi-automated trade. The second option is preferred a by a lot of people since they are apprehensive of handing over the ac


counts to a fully automated bot.

What are the features of this software?

The essential features of this software are listed below:

  • With this software in place, you can learn the winning strategies of a successful trade.
  • The software gives you an average of 93% winnings every week which means that you 

    will have more profits to enjoy.

  • It follows high transparency for all its clients.
  • The software has only had one loss in all the 1,657 trades that it has made.
  • Owing to the fact that the trading platform is compatible with all kinds of devices, you can trade while you are on the run from your Android as well as your iOS.
  • You can access this software from laptops, PCs as well from a Mac.
  • With a daily average of 33 and 87 signals, you are bound to make profits every single day.

Is It The Next Big Thing?

To be honest, it is already a big thing on the market. It can invest money on an autopilot mode and has only lost once in the span of four years of successful trade. The best part about this trading platform is the fact that it has a very friendly user-interface and even beginners who have zero knowledge of trading online can benefit from this system.

Moreover, beginners have the advantage of learning from the fully automated mode and once they have a fair idea of the process, they can take over and run the semi-automated program for more control.

Carbon FX is designed to give you profits every day and who would not want to invest in a technology as efficient as that?

Trading with 1G Profit System  

Reliability and security are two of the primary concerns of an online trader. Automated online trading software such as 1G Profit System has been defined as software that can take advantage of the stable and unstable marketing conditions. Rumours regarding 1G Profit System scam has hit the net like never before. That is because it is hard to believe that the auto-pilot mode can earn the trader the profit of his lifetime without any devious scam in place.  

1G Profit System  

This system is a sophisticated software that can process algorithms at the speed of light. It is integrated with state-of-the-art technology which can monitor the various changes in the market. These changes may be subtle enough to miss the human eye but grave enough to warrant a crash in the market.  

The changes in the market that the trained eye and programmed software watch out for is movements and the market shift, the speed and the direction of the changes in the price and the subtle yet powerful political and economic changes in various countries. The aim is to keep track of these events and predict the market value of the assets in retrospection.  

The automated profit system records the various events for a long term and creates a trend analysis that helps keep the market on constant watch. Many online traders have realized the value and the importance of this automated trading robot and are coming to terms with the fact that it could be the future of the trading market.  

The online software informs the trader about the changes in the market that are powerful enough to affect the stock market and the prices. It also suggests which products must be bought, sold and retained for some more time. It provides access to various tools that help optimize trade. Monitoring the investments in real time is a real boon to the global investor who has put in funds in different parts of the world.  

This automatic online trading platform is getting popular by the day because of the services provided to the traders and investors. It is normal to want to increase financial independence and add to the regular income. This auto-pilot mode of keeping track of the market and the various factors that directly affect the prices are found very useful by the traders.  

The team behind this software assure the traders that this system is legitimate and secure. Feel free to create an account and start investing right away.