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Crypto PR

Crypto PR

Welcome to the whole new concept of crypto PR, if you are reading this article then most probably you are a crypto enthusiast or someone who is trying to promote his own ICO/ Blockchain.

It is an established fact that Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows people to receive and send digital ledger across the internet. The blockchain is the platform on which bitcoin operates and the transactions that take place on the network are verified and secured here. Ethereum, on the other hand, allows companies and start-ups to build their own platform for tokens on Ethereum.  Yes, you read it correctly on Ethereum a startup can build their own token and sell it.

Let us assume that you have a startup in blockchain and you sell that product that most people do not understand. This is the place where crypto PR can help you out, any startup that is trying to get on the right foot PR is very important. it helps in getting a right strategy that is helpful for building your company image and creating a distinguished brand. Here are the three reasons why PR is imperative for your startup.

  1. Raising awareness

PR helps you find the target market for your startup to communicate. In the crypto PR world, you will come across two categories of people one, who follows all the crypto news like a religion and the other tech or finance junkies who keeps hopping on the interesting articles on the crypto bandwagon.  For the latter group, it is very important to deliver the key points of your startup in the simplest way so that it can easily understand by your prospective audience. For the former, the real challenge is to find the audience who is a crypto expert and proving your vision to them.


Crypto PR helps in distinguishing the unique feature of your business and conveying them to your target audience.

  1. Building credibility

If you are into crypto startup it means you have to prove yourself to this complex world of digital currency. Here you should have a detailed knowledge not only of your company but industry, competition, and community. Having a correct crypto PR will help you to show the public that you have mastered all the three.

  1. Building community

The right PR also helps you to build community not only on the popular social networking sites but also other networks where you can find a lot of crypto fans. The basic idea behind having a presence on these platforms is to promote, maintain and build your own community.


The financial industry keeps changing in an amazing way, the technology behind this is complicated and fascinating. A suited crypto PR startup strategy is needed for the visionaries to invest in the technology. Check this out for more information.

Unit Per Fixed Amount Technique

Unit Per Fixed Amount Technique

The easiest ways in which you can size the positions in the market is by using the unit per fixed amount method, by using percentage margin or in terms of a percentage of the volatility.

When you use this technique to size the position you need to know that the method can be used for all the asset classes and is also independent of the time frame that you choose to trade on. You could also use this method on stocks, futures, currency or commodities. Be it intraday, swing or a positional trade the method works well on all the time frames.

Check this out to know how to size the positions to do proper risk management on every trade that you take.


Use trading system

You could use some trading system or trading tools to time the entry and exit in the market. This could be a simple moving average crossover to identify what the entry and the exit in the trade are. Using the moving average you can decide what the entry and the exit of your trade will be and this will let you calculate the profits that the trade will generate.

Trading using a moving average tool

Suppose that you are using moving averages to trade in the market. You buy on a crossover. So you look for the crossover signals and when you see one you take a trade.

You can also use ways to define the equity and the position sizing when you use the techniques. For the same signal that moving average crossover generates you can deploy your cash in various ways. The profit and loss that the trade will generate will be different for each method of deploying the cash, even though the tools that you use and the signal that you see is the same.

Stick to a method to estimate the equity and to size the position. Too many methods will only make it complicated for you.

The unit per fixed amount

This is a model to size your trading position. This is simple. This model wants you to calculate how may stocks or future lots that you will be trading for a given amount of capital. This method is not at all complicated.

However, suppose that you want to take two separate trades then this method will give them the same weight to both the trades. This will not take into account the factor of risk.


Risks of Weekend Trading

Risks of Weekend Trading

Most stock exchanges are open only from Monday to Friday and that too from 9:00 hours to 16:00 hours. However, there are a few stock exchanges that operate during the weekends because of the difference in the working hours in those countries and this has led to an increase in the number of weekend day traders.

Although weekend trading offers numerous advantages such as increased chances of making profit, less traffic, and few others, it also offers certain risks and limitations to its traders. This article presents to you a full review regarding the limitations of weekend trading.

  1. Different time zones – This is the most common limitation during the weekend trading. Although you are all set to make some money by switching over to a different time zone, your body may resist this urge because your internal body clock begins to shut down if you are residing in the US and is eagerly waiting to trade in the stock exchanges of the Middle East. Therefore, you will be forced to think twice before putting your health at risk.
  2. A lower number of assets – As you already know that most stock exchanges remain closed on weekends, you will be presented only with a limited number of trade instruments to trade with over the weekend. For example, all those traders who rely on assets and news for information are in for a big fix because big multinational companies such as Intel, Verizon Communications, Ford Motors, and others are all closed for the weekend, hence you cannot trade on these companies. However, traders those who rely on technical analysis while trading assets and study price movements before making a call in the trade market, are in for trading and will be able to generate some profit.
  3. Reduced volume of trade options – This is bound to happen as when a company in London closes, another in Hong Kong begins its operations. Similarly, traders are in for a jolt because the oil and gold markets are also similar. Hence, traders will face the problem of low trade volumes, which will ultimately result in charts with insufficient data points and flat markets.
  4. Increased volatility – The market functions because of volatility but what happens when normalcy is not maintained? Volatile over boils which is not a good thing when it comes to trading. Hence, this increases the risks involved in trading over the weekends.
  5. Fewer brokers hours – Despite all the existing troubles, you are faced with yet another challenge from the brokers who will ultimately decide whether to open their platform for trade or not based on the number of active traders over the weekend.

However, this list is just for your information so that you will be more cautious while trading over the weekends. Good trading strategies and the right opportunities will always help you keep going.

Get Unemployment Insurance

Get Unemployment Insurance

There is a claim known as jobless claims that are a statistic that is announced every week by the U.S. Department of Labor. This statistics will consist of the number of people who have filed to get benefits from unemployment insurance. There are two types of jobless claims and they are as follows:

  1. Initial: This consists of people who have filed for the first time.
  2. Continuing: This consists of people who are unemployed and already receiving benefits from unemployment insurance for quite some time.

A very important leading indicator of the country with respect to the condition of employment and economic health of the state is this jobless claims. On the Conference Board Leading Economic Index consists of 10 components and the initial jobless claims average that is got every week is one of them.

In order to do the macroeconomic analysis, the nation’s jobless claims are a highly important type of indicator. There is an Employment Report of Bureau of Labor Statistics that is got every month which traces how many more people have in the last week have applied for unemployment benefits. This report is a good measurement of the job market of the United States. For example, suppose a lot of people will have filed for unemployment insurance benefits which will mean that there are very fewer people who are employed and the other way around. Relevant information about the economies of the nation is gathered by the investors with the help of this report. The monitoring of the average of the jobless claims that are moving for four-weeks is done since this data is very volatile in nature. Bitcoin trading is monitored by the Bitcoin Code software. On Thursday of every week at 8:30 a.m. ET the releasing of the report is done and this will become a market-moving business.

Measurement of unemployment that will emerge is done by initial jobless claims. Releasing of this report is done after a week. Furthermore, measurement of the number of people who are already claiming unemployment benefits is done by continued jobless claims. Releasing of this data is done a week after the initial claims are released because of which the initial jobless claims have more impact in the financial markets.

Estimation of the report is incorporated within the financial analysts’ market forecast. If the report that is released every week appears to differ insignificantly than agreed estimates this will lead to movement in the market that will be either high or low.


An Insight on Extreme Socially Responsible Investing

An Insight on Extreme Socially Responsible Investing


Traditional venture exhortation expects that you wouldn’t fret placing your cash in the nation’s extensive organizations. For the individuals who are anxious about possessing the regularly censured organizations held by these assets, there exist socially dependable ventures that filter organizations you might not concur with ethically.


For a few people, however, even the optimum socially capable subsidizes aren’t ethically sufficiently high. Companies will undoubtedly profit for their investors, leaving picky financial specialists with only a couple of alternatives such as the Bitcoin Code software.


Managing an account

You may not believe you’re making investments when you store your salaries in the bank account, however, you are. Truth be told, you are accepting a little piece of premium installment in return for enabling the bank to profit by loaning out your stores.


Property Ventures


House Ownership

While purchasing a house, you are creating a contribution to a network, and that is, for the most part, something worth being thankful for. Since you will need to pay interest on that home loan, you might need to search for a socially dependable bank or credit association to loan you the cash.


Investment property

Think about turning into a proprietor. All the lodging choices qualify as private lodging, which implies that you will have the capacity to obtain the most reduced home loan rates and potentially a lesser installment.



This speculation can be the absolute most ideal approach to expand your long haul money related security, particularly in case you have not completed your education. Accepting lots of training could be your entry passes to a higher wage profession. Considering all the venture openings in this rundown, educational training generates the best outcome.


Enterprise Ownership and Private Lending

Being an entrepreneur is an awesome method to stay away from authority. Though numerous private ventures do flop right off the bat, in case yours gives a result, it can be an incredible wellspring of occupation security. Being the owner of your enterprise can likewise provide you greater authority over your money related future.


In case maintaining your own organization is a mundane task, you can simply consider loaning cash to somebody who is beginning an organization that you would have a chance to help as an accomplice.


Collectibles and Antiques

The trading platform for collectibles and antiques can be dubious; it is hard to anticipate what things will be very significant later on and there can be a lot of pausing, and theory. Like daintily exchanged items, accepting the exact value and searching for a purchaser at a particular time can be a concern for old-fashioned dealers.






Discover why Millennials Are Sparing More than Other Generations

Discover why Millennials Are Sparing More than Other Generations

A unique aspect of the millennial age is they are not trivial. That is a result of them sparing more cash at a more youthful age than any of the ages prior to them. It turns out that a ton of aspects have influenced their point of view on cash and the reasons why they spare.


Numerous Millennials Grew Up during Tough Financial Times

This generation has experienced the money related emergency, a time set apart by a massive amount of abandonment. They are likewise more stressed over a retirement without sufficient cash and the Bitcoin Code software will spare more than their folks.


Understanding The Significance Of Saving For Retirement

Nowadays, retirees will require significantly much more than Social Security advantages to live, and numerous recent college grads have been shown that at a younger age. Regardless of whether they saw their folks confronting a retirement investment funds deficit or had it bored into their head that they have to put something aside for their brilliant years, it is resounding as reserve funds.


Prospect Of No Social Security Is a Fact for Them

Get some information concerning Social Security from millennials and chances are they will state there will not be any cash left. As for the millennials they are aware they need to spare for their retirement period. Thus generating investment habits that ages prior to them need not stress over having.


They Know The Effects Of Bad Spending Habits

They also had the chance to observe a great deal of the terrible conduct that got individuals in a bad position. Also, the extreme spending by the government resulted in a record shortfall. Not at all like other cheerful ages, millennials are aware how terrible spending and sparing propensities can have adverse effects and don’t need that to transpire.


Working Forever Isn’t Their Style

They esteem a work-life adjust significantly more and would prefer not to waste their whole lives toiling hard. To resign at a prior age they need to hoard an extensive retirement fund and one approach to accomplish that is to begin sparing as quickly as time permits. These are the reasons they are securing cash for retirement period as early as 22 years.



Retirement reserve funds is a vital piece of everybody’s money related arrangement, yet numerous individuals have nearly nothing put aside for their brilliant years. Compared to the previous generations, millennials are entirely different basically due to experiencing childhood filled with extreme circumstances. Hence they are venturing up their reserve funds methodology to guarantee they have sufficient for their brilliant years.





Top Cryptocurrency Predictions For 2018

Top Cryptocurrency Predictions For 2018

Finding a newspaper or an online news site that do not refer to the cryptocurrencies is highly impossible because such is their popularity! Welcome to the ever-growing world of the cryptocurrencies that is destined to offer more benefits than that has been ever witnessed by the humankind, thanks to their underlying technology called the Blockchain! Even though the cryptocurrencies are so popular and investing in them is so easy, as per this review, the fluctuations are so common that calls for timely predictions and preparations! So, is it not time for us to know what the rest of 2018 has in store for these amazing cryptocurrencies? Let’s go!

  • A Trillion Market Cap It Is

If you are not still able to accept the idea of digital currencies or if all these still seems surreal to you then, its high-time for you to wake up and meet the reality, as the cryptocurrency market cap is expected to hit, at least, $2 trillion by 2018! This only shows the entire world is moving towards the cryptocurrency revolution and coming back is certainly, impossible!


  • National Crypto Experiments On The Rise

Already in 2017, we have witnessed the introduction of several national cryptocurrencies aka state-backed digital currencies, such as ‘cryptoruble’ of Russia and the respective national cryptocurrencies of the nations like Venezuela and Estonia! The year 2018 is here to prove that these were mere samples as more of such kinds are expected to happen in this most-happening year for the cryptocurrencies!


  • BTC vs BCH Clash Likely To Continue

We all are aware of the ‘hard fork’ of the Bitcoin that happened in August 2017 to produce the popularly growing Bitcoin Cash (BCH)! Although this happened in the name of ‘scaling up’ the Bitcoin, the BTC community is still in favor of the Off-chain scaling proposal for the Bitcoin, whereas the BCH community opted the on-chain proposal! Therefore, this never-to-be-settled expectation of the respective communities is likely to intensify the enmity between them and therefore, be prepared to hear harsh comments about your favorite cryptocurrency and the respective community, be it the Bitcoin or the Bitcoin Cash!


  • No stopping of the ICO’s

Perhaps, one of the reasons for the popularity of the Ethereum is the concept of ICO fueled by it that allowed the raising of sufficient funds for the coin’s future growth and development. The community surprised by the success of the ICOs is eager to follow the concept, which means, more such ICOs are expected to happen in this 2018! To cite few examples, NEO and Stratis have already launched their respective ICOs!

A Wallet to hide

The electronic wallet that is used for storing Bitcoin is called Bitcoin wallet. To define a wallet technically we can say Bitcoin cannot be stored anywhere to store it there is one secret number attached to every bitcoin that gets saved in the owner’s wallet. Using the wallet the bitcoin owner can send and receive the coins and keep the balance amount with him.

This digital wallet is important for obtaining Bitcoin. To understand the process in the better way we can refer Bitcoin as cash and bitcoin wallet as a physical wallet. As we all know wallets are meant to store cash in case of bitcoin it is stores the secure private key that is used to unlock the Bitcoin address and carry out the transaction.

Four important and best-known wallets of bitcoin are desktop, mobile, we and hardware.

  • Desktop wallet: This wallet can be installed on the desktop computer; the user has full control of the wallet. This wallet creates bitcoin address to send and receive bitcoins and stores the secret key. Some of the commonly used bitcoin wallets are Electrum, armoury, Bitcoin core etc.
  • Mobile Wallet: This wallet can be used on the go and one does not have to sit in one place to access this wallet as it can be installed on android mobile. This wallet can function in the same way as a desktop wallet. This wallet can be used for paying the bills of physical stores. Some of the popular mobile wallets are Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet and Hive Android etc. Several malware software is creating trouble or mobile wallet users so it is wise to do a little research before installing any mobile wallet.
  • Web wallet: this wallet can be accessed from anywhere using any browser. One should be very careful while using web wallet as it stores the secret private key for the Bitcoin. Coinbase is one of the popular web wallet contributors.
  • Hardware wallet: As the name says it is one of the secure wallets to store Bitcoins. It a physical equipment that can be used through the USB port. This device isn’t free and it cost approximately $100 or $200.

Storing the bitcoins in the wallet does not secure it, the wallet itself needs strong security to prevent hacking as it is a high-value target for them. To safeguard a wallet one must encrypt it using a strong password and store it offline. Frequent backups should also be taken for these wallets. To know more continue reading about Bitcoin Trader


Trading the right way

Trading in simple terms means that you buy something now in anticipation that you get more than the buy price within a short period of time.  On the other hand, you might wish to sell something now in anticipation that price will go down in future and then you can buy it at at a later date.  It is known as short selling.  Listed below are the few things one should keep in mind while you enter the financial market to trade.

Pointers to keep in mind

Stop loss, Return on Investment and target- The foremost thing one should do before getting into trading is setting a stop loss. You should not only set the stop loss but also should be able to get out of the trade at stop loss. The next thing a wise trader should do is to keep a target. The target set should be at least twice or more as the stop loss.

Once the target and stop loss is set, another important thing you need to find out is how easily this target can be achieved.  You should conduct analyzes on the market conditions, the past trend of the price and volume and see how the future holds.  If you feel all these cannot be managed by you, then there are trading software like bitcoin trader available in the market that can help you. You can read all the reviews on the site and know more about it.

Don’t go for margin- You should not make the mistake of trading in the margin. You should always trade with the money which you can afford to lose. You should opt only for margin trading after considering your stop loss. If you feel comfortable in losing that much amount, then you can choose for margin trade.

Manage the risk- The most crucial thing in trading is to manage the risk. If you are not able to preserve the capital and not able to manage the risk of trading properly, you will be left with no money to conduct trading.  The future risk should be anticipated well in advance. This is possible to do so only if you are updated with the current economic, political and financial scenario. The analysis of the market, industry, past trends and future trends give you a warning on the future events.  Follow your instinct and understand the risk beforehand. Then you need to take steps accordingly to mitigate the risks.





Characteristic Of  The Market

The market moves in two phases. It could be in a bullish phase or bearish phase. The bull or the bearish phase of the market is because of some characteristics of the stock prices but there are many other factors that one should know of.

Supply and demand

Supply and demand are important characteristics for the stock prices to go up or down. In a bull market, the demand is higher than the supply. This means that more people want to buy the security and very few are willing to sell the security. As a result of this, the prices rise and this keeps the market bullish. When the market is in a bear phase the opposite is true. Here the investors are more ready to sell the stock and very few are willing to buy the security. This pushes the price of the security down on the trading app.

Psychology of the investor

The market movement is because of the way the investors perceive what will happen in the market. The sentiments of the investors will make the price to either rise or fall. This is the reason why the sentiments of the investor and the psychology of the market are dependent. The bull phase is when the investors are bullish on the market and they want to participate in the market. This purses the price up higher. In a bear market, the sentiments of the investors are negative and the investors are moving their money out from the equities to other secured assets. This causes a decline in the stock market prices. The traders lose confidence in the market and thus the market turns to bearish.


Economic activity

The economy and the stock market are highly linked. The stock market is composed of stocks of companies and these companies are totally dependent on the economy for their performance. This is why the movement in the economy impacts the stock prices as well. When the economy is weak then the sales are lower and this leads to bad numbers for the company, this, in turn, pushes their prices down. This impacts the market and makes it bearish. When the market is bullish then the economy is going better and more and more investors are ready to spend. This leads to the market turning bullish.

You need to see the performance of the market in along term to understand whether the market is bullish or bearish. The small movements that happen in the market do not affect the market trend. You need to see the market with along term perspective to know if it is bullish or bearish