How To Make The Perfect Business Presentation

The most essential feature of a presentation is the crisp display of the facts in the best conveyable format. There is no blabbering of words or unnecessary flowery language. The points are organized, self-explanatory short sentences hitting the exact message. When it is a presentation showcasing your business plan, there should be the application of the highest level of professional information to showcase your strengths and your plan. The person involved in the creation of a business presentation for your company has to be aware of what to include and what to exclude in the whole layout and content.

Take care to do these

Going first by the format, the concept of PowerPoint has to be kept in mind throughout that it is different than a word document or image file.

  • Have a standard number of slides for a fixed time of presentation, for example, 10 slides for explanation in 10 minutes or 20 slides for 30 minutes etc.
  • The font size should be big enough to be visible to the person on the farthest position in the place of meeting such as 30 points or larger, based on the presence of title and subtitles. Decide on the font type to suit the type of business plan you are going to discuss, the style should not distract the listeners from the content displayed.
  • Rely less on words and more on representations of the plan. A well-laced flowchart is way more effective than a long paragraph even if constructively done.
  • Images speak volumes about the feasibility of the plan more than full sentences. An AutoCAD image of the proposed product is able to convince the investors more than its theoretical profile or features.
  • Practice and improve before exposing your idea to the destined audience. It will help in removing irregularities, work on the flow of the plan and determine the conceivability of the topic. You are about to enter into an interactive session on the product that generated in your mind and the listener has to see here through your perception to be receptive.
  • Show your strengths and stress on what you have and can achieve, not on the weakness or shortcomings that are stopping you. Be authentic about the data and avoid fictional quantification. Show things for which you proof or at least confidence.
  • Know your audience, their capability and what they wish to see in your business. Focus on the areas in your plan that invoke the interest in them and also customize the order of the slides as per the investor’s lookout.
  • Create a self-explanatory pitch desk that does not depend on your verbal ability as such, but gets complimented by your explanation.



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