How To Perfectly Monitor Your Investments

How To Perfectly Monitor Your Investments

The process of wealth creation does not end with investment.  You have to monitor them perfectly till you sell your assets.  Read on to know the best investment monitoring tips:

Bank deposits:  Make a list of them according to the chronological order of the maturity dates.  Set reminders in your mobiles so that you can suitably reinvest them.  Most banks provide auto reinvest option.  Hence if you would be busy and will not be able to monitor your FDs, opt for auto-renewal of these.  Another checkpoint regarding FDs is that you have to track whether any tax is deducted.  Check whether the correct amount is deducted according to your interest income.

Cryptos:  The advantage of Cryptos is that they do not require much monitoring when you trade using apps.  For example, BTC profit review says that no emotional quotient is involved when using the trading software.  Automated bots trade in cryptos based on the pre-defined limit set by the user.

Mutual funds:  Investing in a mutual fund requires some serious pre-investment analysis.   Before investing it becomes necessary to read the fund facts.  Find out where your money is going to be invested.  Depending upon your risk appetite select the right type of fund.  Analyze the charges levied.  You should not quit mutual funds when the share market is down.  Instead, you can begin investing in mutual funds during that time.  When the market is low, the units credited will be more for the same amount of investment.  Wait for a long period and redeem the money when the share market is booming.  Your returns will be more.  As these funds are taken care by expert fund managers the investor need not worry much about monitoring.  Entering and exiting the fund at right time is very important.

Land and building:  Investment in land and building involve a huge amount.  Hence monitoring their value and maintaining them properly is most required.  Only when they are maintained properly the resale value will be more.  Appreciation of land and building takes considerable time.  Hence patience is needed.  Also, sufficient care must be taken to ensure that tenants do not create any legal issues.  When you are buying land or building in a far away location, visit them regularly to avoid encroachment issues.  As far as building is concerned, even if they become dilapidated, the land fetches value.  Building fetches rental income.  Depreciation on the building can be claimed as an expense while paying tax.

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