Global Business Cycle Indicators

The Conference Board publishes leading, coincident, and lagging indexes designed to signal peaks and troughs in the business cycle for nine countries around the world.¬†As we’re monitoring the global markets for years we’re able to give you an advice weather or not to invest in stocks, indexes or their related binary options. We’re using the help of the Orion Code¬†automated trading software, proven its’ efficiency among thousands of traders worldwide, to predict more precisely when and how much a given index will go up or down.

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April 2008 Benchmark Revisions to U.S. LEI
The April 2008 release incorporated annual benchmark revisions to the composite indexes. As a result of these revisions, the full histories (1959-present) of the U.S. leading, coincident and lagging indexes were revised during that month. Historical data series are available for purchase.

The Latest Releases:

June 25The Leading Index for Australia Increased 0.3 Percent
June 23The Leading Index for Mexico Increased 2.3 Percent
June 19The Conference Board U.S. Leading Economic Index Increased Slightly
June 18The Leading Index for Germany Declined 0.2 Percent
June 17The Leading Index for France Declined 0.1 Percent
June 11The Leading Index for Spain Declined 0.1 Percent
June 10The Leading Index for Korea Increased 0.1 Percent
June 5The Leading Index for Japan Decreased 0.2 Percent
June 4The Leading Index for the U.K Declined 0.5 Percent

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