The role of Chatbots in your business

AI or artificial intelligence is gaining prominence in all aspects of our lives today; its effect is most visible in the science and technology and the financial industry. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that online trading systems like the Carbon FXand other renowned trading platforms have become immensely popular with the masses. Another reason certain online businesses are doing great is due to the presence of chatbots that make their presence known and then quietly wait for you call for help or to quell your doubts and even provide suggestions if required.

The automated nature of the bots and the ability to personalize them to mimic your personality and response makes them a necessity for all small, medium businesses and entrepreneurs.

Business team analyzing income charts and graphs with modern digital tablet. Top view photoshoot.

If you still don’t use them, here are a few reasons that will convince you as to why businesses must go for chatbots and how they will save you money, energy and time.

  1. Retaining the fan or customer base

For every business, it is essential that they keep their customers happy and answer all their queries as early as possible. Practically, it is not possible to individually responds to each query a customer posts on your Facebook or Instagram. But when you to resort to chatbots you can engage personally with each customer without having to waste manpower and time.

  1. Save time

All big businesses like Domino’s Pizza, Hand M, and others have messenger bots that work better than any PR team. The advantage of the bots is that they remember your answer to a particular question forever and hence respond accordingly. The bots save your time because you don’t need to monitor your emails or Facebook to respond to fans; the bots will automatically do it.

  1. Promote without being pushy

Customers do not like to be coerced into buying anything. Invariably they shut off when they see any promotional stuff. But when you use chatbots the story is different. As most chatbots use a conversational tone, they can inform the customer about your latest services, products events etc. without being too pushy. These bots, in fact, are more powerful than even the social media.

Bots can also sell more than any advertisement on social media. Ensure that your bots have a distinct personality and are tuned to provide suggestions based on customer feedback and online behavior.


If you want your business to grow you must shake hands with emerging technologies and accrue benefits thereof. Bots are the future of businesses with a bot for practically anything and everything. Several businesses have recognized the potential of this automation and have started using them to improve their sales.

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