Trade Exchange

A system, called or identified as Bitcoin Secret Loophole is newcrypto currency online trading software which is created by Steve McKay. The trading software function based on the SSL standards and maintains personal and financial data with great security. All the users of this software fully enjoy the excellent investment results right from the day of investment and there are many positive reviews from the traders all around.

Working Mode

The software is fully automated and generates daily earnings both for new comers and for professional users. It is easy to use and simple to access crypto profiling system. The software is accessible from any PC or mobile device, MAC, IOS, Android Windows.  The union of block chain technology ad a team of cyber security experts, the software is considered as the most secure systems in the crypto world. The following are the steps to start trading through the software.

  1. Sign up by entering the basic details like name and a unique e-mail address.
  2. Create a broker account and the software automatically assigns a broker to the trader.
  3. The creation of an account is followed by the deposition of money into the account. The minimum deposition amount is $250. This investment yields profit accordingly. The deposit and withdrawal are done by various methods like VISA, Master, Wire transfer, Neteller, Bitcoin, Maestro, eWallet, Skrill Moneybookers.

Apart from the manual trading by the traders, the software also provides an auto trading mode which lends a helping hand to the beginners. The software provides support through Phone, E-Mail and LiveChat.Look here to start your online trading through crypto currency.

Raise of alert

There are some alerts raised against this online trading software.

  • All the data and information about the company and concerned people are invalid.
  • The creator of this software is found to be fake with no real data.
  • The ownership details are fake and use illegal reviews for fame.
  • No clear cut information is provided on how they generate profits.
  • The main website is no longer online and active
  • The UK financial regulator has issued a red warning against this software.
  • The disclaimer on the website clearly showcases that the site doesn’t guarantee any profits.
  • A warning has been issued by FCA against this software for not having any proper license for its operations.


The Bitcoin users are always instructed to do refined research or consult with the experts before investing in any online trading software that Is driven by crypto currency.

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