When Was The Last Time You Thought About A Secondary Source Of Income?

We live in times when a little something can go a long way:

When I was deliberating if I should talk to the personnel department for a hike that was long due, I hit upon the idea of being able to work after office hours. Generally, I would hit the pub and then have my dinner and get back home but lately, I felt that I could do something more productive to be able to afford a more decent lifestyle.

I was looking at trading in binary options:

Online trading tugged at my heartstrings mainly because it meant I could trade from the comforts of my house. Honestly speaking I had no mind of again straining myself physically to stack my extra income. Then I would be only burning myself away and doing more harm than good.

Trading suits because of flexibility:

For a lot of people like me who want to double up but are scared of exerting themselves too much, trading online is a great option mainly because

  1. The online markets are open all day all night!
  2. There is quite a lot of scope out there;
  3. You can trade from anywhere at all!
  4. The initial investment is extremely affordable pegged at $250 only!!


I began trading by learning the ropes of trading on the Bitcoin Code Software. The demo account on this software was so helpful in understanding how to start on it. With only one month experience in hand, I ventured out to begin trading in actual money by depositing the initial amount of $250.


The first few days I was extremely paranoid when I lost a trade but slowly I learned that winning and losing were both sides of the same coin. Besides, what is trading if not full of risks?!


Six months and my profits were trickling in. I was amazed at how even a little time that I spent in front of my device meant that I was earning even though little. I was proud of myself because while I would have otherwise drunk myself madly in the pub here I was doing something really productive.


I have seen how a little change, for instance, getting serious at trading has brought in a world of change in me. I definitely intend to create a corpus for myself to use it for a rainy day. I am sure I am already on my way.


By the way, my boss was amazed and even thought loudly how I wasn’t asking for any raise lately while others were scurrying to him excessively. You know my secret now! Wink.

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